Project Jumeirah Bay
Location Ras El Hekma, Matrouh, Egypt
Owner Jumeirah Real Estate
Scope Of Work Main Consultant
Site Area 3,076,589 M2
Total Built Up Area 961,435 m2
Total Estimated Cost
Design Date March 2016
Completion Date Under Construction

Located in FUKA Bay, one of the rising tourism hotspots in Egypt’s North Coast area (Sahel), the Jumeriah Bay project, to be developed by Jumeirah Real Estate Development, is considered to be “The Miracle of Nature”, drawing on how cities prosper on natural sights or phenomenon, a geyser eruption.


The site in question is located 170 kilometers away from Alexandria and is noted for having historical and natural landmark of exceptionally high value. The resort will have the advantage of a sea front view with summer weather being ideal for a variety of leisurely activities.

In general, North Coast (commonly called “Sahel Shammaly” in Egypt) is a well-known destination for local tourists to spend the summer, away from the wear and tear of city life in the country’s chaotic urban centers. Jumeriah Bay in specific is a prime location being at the center of Fuka Bay.  


El Gabaly Architects envisions “The Miracle of Nature” a resort and residential community that will prosper on a natural phenomenon, such as that of the city Venice in Italy, the city of Santorini in Greece & the city of Amadeus in Australia, where have flooded in the past but now came to be highly regarded as a major attraction for being cities that completely flooded with water yet still functioning optimally.

The second most important feature Jumeriah Bay is the stylish simplicity and unique irregularity of the residential community that weaves itself into the natural environment. In essence, this residential community represents a part of the natural environment that was built for humankind to live deep within its natural settings, rather than just simply building houses for the residents to live in them. Residents develop a symbiotic relationship with their environment, allowing them to fully experience the pleasure of what the great outdoors can offer.

Visualizing the idea of cities that are born out of a natural phenomenon, Jumeriah Bay’s masterplan proposes that the resort is a “city” that forms from the eruption of a geyser, a well-known geological event where water pressure from inside the earth forces hot water out of the ground in an eruption that is often seen in natural parks in the US, such as Yellowstone National Park.

In this concept, Jumeriah Bay is created on the eruption of a man-made geyser from which a flood is formed that leads all the way to the sea. Just as the flood created by the geyser eruption reshapes the topography of the landscape, creating small islands and streams. The resort will also have a man-made river which will flow towards the sea, facilitating a range of different water-based activities, including water sports.  

The formation of the landscape takes place over three phases: (1) FUKA Bay Geyser Eruption, (2) Water flow Towards the Sea, (3) Landscape Carving Effects of Waterflow. Fluid architecture is the core inspiration of this project, making use of the visual beauty of contours and waves to shape a viable urban plan for an urban landscape thriving on a man-made geyser eruption. Water moves with the force of gravity in the downward slope of the resort as the location of the geyser, being the source itself, is an entire 30 meter above sea level. The movement of water adds an organic element to the shape of the resort and the structures within the resort itself.

Equally impressive about the resort is that it is designed such that the sea can be viewed in its entirety from the beginning of the resort near the main entrance two kilometers inland all the way to its end close to the sand beach. Travelers will also get to get to enjoy the idyllic views of the sea at any point within the resort premises itself, regardless of their location inside. 

In conclusion, the urban design concept proposes a total built up area of 15% only, leaving a lot of emphasis on elements in the landscape and green areas that act as healthy platform for social and relaxation activities. Going back to the project’s vision, this is a fundamental part of strengthening the natural connection between the traveler and the great outdoors.

The resort is fit with a range of different facilities which includes:

Jumeriah Bay is comprised of seven residential zones, each of which driven from an Italian name to celebrate the Mediterranean culture and their own defining advantageous characteristics:

El Gabaly Architects is the Architect, Main Consultant & Master Planners for the design & construction of this project.